Why I hate Hotmail II

  1. Corollary to point (1) mentioned earlier – the lack of a POP interface also means that you can’t use any other mail service to read your Hotmail mail (of course Microsoft provides the ability to use POP to suck mail from another mail service but once the mail is at your Hotmail account, it is stuck there)
  2. I have a couple of free mail accounts (Yahoo, Go, Excite, Hotmail) and Hotmail receives far and away the most porn and get rich quick spam
  3. In this day when hard disk space is so cheap, it is really pretty sad that Hotmail still provides a paltry 2MB… especially when all the other free mail providers are giving more
  4. The interface won’t let you in without javascript – this is just annoying, I should be able to disable it if I want

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