Highway 101 Detailed Billboard Analysis

Disclaimer: Before you ask, yes I do realize how sad it is that I had the time to do this…

April 12, 2001

The Results

  • 143 ads total
  • 65 high tech companies (45%)
  • 57 traditional businesses (40%)
  • 21 media companies (15%)
  • Well, the high tech boom is over and the bubble has burst. This has has a dramatic effect on who is advertising in the Bay Area
  • The most obvious outcome of this is the precipitous fall in the amount of dot-com advertising, while still significant it commands far fewer ads than it did before
  • The Financial Services, Misc/Retail and TV/Radio companies stepped up to the plate to fill the void left by the dot coms
  • For the first time we are seeing blank/unsold billboards
  • This batch is characterized by a lot more companies with more then 1 billboard. Apple just barely held on to its most common advertiser position with CalFed and IBM close behind
  • There are quite a few more ads than previous times. This is in part because I have started included ads on the electronic boards, plus a few boards that were not exactly on the highway but still visible
  • I tweaked some of the categories that no longer make sense. Got rid of ‘Travel’ and added ‘Retail’. The retail ads have previously been listed in the misc section

Raw Data

High Tech
40 28% Traditional High Tech 6 Apple, BEA Systems, 2 BrassRing, Broadcom, 2 Cognos, Digex, Exario, Fujitsu, GlobalStar, 3 Hostpro, 4 IBM, 2 Informix, 2 Inktomi, Intel (web hosting), Lucent, 2 Microsoft, 2 Oracle, Palm VIIx, SAP, SGI, SmartPipes, USi, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Cable
24 17% Dot-Coms 2 Akamai, Autonomy, Brokat Technologies, Casesoft.com, Ditech.com, E-Centives, EForceGlobal.com, EGain, Epiphany, 3 E-Trade, Excite@Home, Exterprise.com, hotjobs.com, Lycos, marketfirst.com, McAfee, support.com, Vindigo, 2 WebMiles.com, Women.com
1 0% Conferences RSA Conference 2001
“Traditional” Businesses
Includes ads for webistes of traditional businesses
2 1% Cars Daewoo Nubira, Ford Escape
4 3% Entertainment Blockbuster, 2 San Francisco Ballet, Winchester Mystery House
12 8% Food/Drink Bud Light, Budweiser, Corona Light, Diet Coke, Dole Pinapple Juice, 2 Got Milk?, Hostess (Wonderbread), Knudson Cottage Cheese, Oscar Meyer, TsingTao Beer, Whole Wheat Bread
17 12% Financial Services Yosemite Fund, 5 CalFed, 2 CitiBank, 2 Credit Suisse First Boston, HR Block, Merrill Lynch, MontgomeryFunds.com, 3 Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo
15 10% Misc 2 Bay Area Traffic Information, Bell Plumbing, 4 Blank Billboards, Buckle Up, California Lottory, Gibson Guitars, National Guard, Rivermark – a new urban village, Taiwan Innovalue – building the tools for tomorrow, Trailer Villa, Chevron
7 5% Retail Bananna Republic, 3 Gap, Kenneth Cole, KMart, Macys.com
13 9% TV/Radio 104.9 FM, 92 KSJO, 2 Radio Cadillac, Disney Radio 1310AM, KABL 960AM, KFOG, 2 KNBR 680 AM, Star 101.3 FM, 3 WB20 (2 Dawson Creek, 1 Charmed)
1 0% Movies Spy Kids
7 5% Magazines/Newspapers 3 Forbes.com, Fortune, Red Herring, 2 San Jose Mercury News
Total 143 100%  
Even Rawer Data:

Drive from SF to SJ: AT&T Cable, Bay Area Traffic Information, Ford Escape, TsingTao Beer, Cadillac Radio, Cognos, Hostess (Wonderbread), KABL 960AM, Bell Plumbing, HostPro (Web Hosting), Apple, Got Milk?, Spy Kids (movie), Blank billboard, Washington Mutual, Gap, Washington Mutual, Excite@Home, Disney Radio 1310AM, Verizon Wireless, CalFed, San Francisco Ballet, MontgomeryFunds.com, KMart, E-Trade, Lycos, Forbes.com, Daewoo Nubira, WebMiles.com, Apple, WB20 – Dawson Creek, Bud Light, CalFed, IBM, Dole Pinapple Juice, Brokat Technologies, 104.9 FM, Exterprise.com, IBM, Women.com, Blockbuster, Lucent, EForceGlobal.com, Ditech.com, BrassRing, E-Centives, Bay Area Information, Forbes.com, Trailer Villa, USi (tech), Credit Suisse First Boston, Radio Cadillac, IBM, Vindigo, Microsoft, Hostpro (Web Serving), Radio KNBR 680 AM, Apple, Winchester Mystery House, Star 101.3 FM, Exario, Got Milk?, San Jose Mercury News

Back from SJ to SF: HostPro (Web Hosting), Apple, SJ Mercury News, Blank Billboard, Rivermark – a new urban village, Apple, BrassRing, National Guard, Forbes.com, Digex (Web Hosting), CalFed, Microsoft (5 nines), Cottage Cheese, Akamai, IBM, BEA Systems, Credit Suisse First Boston, CitiBank, Blank Billboard, CalFed (Elvis Schmiedecamp is here for you), Budweiser, (Yosemite Fund, Oracle, Broadcom) on electronic board, McaFee, Inktomi, EGain – customer interaction sw for teh internet, SAP, support.com, marketfirst.com, hotjobs.com, Cognos, GlobalStar (satellite phone), Charmed – WB20, 92 KSJO, Informix, Dawson’s Creek – WB20, Oracle, RSA Conference 2001, SGI, Casesoft.com, WebMiles.com, Akamai, Merrill Lynch, Informix, KNBR 680 AM, Taiwan Innovalue – building the tools for tomorrow, Intel (web hosting), SmartPipes (hosting), Autonomy, Palm VIIx, Gap, Inktomi, HR Block, Whole Wheat Break, Cal Fed, Corona Light, Washington Mutual, Chevron, Fujitsu, Oscar Meyer, KFOG, SF Ballet, Gibson Guitars, California Lottory, E-Trade, Apple, Bananna Republic, Diet Coke, Gap, Wells Fargo, Kenneth Cole, Epiphany, Fortune, Red Herring, Buckle Up, Macys.com, CitiBank, Blank Billboard (your ad here), E-Trade

June 26, 2000

The Results

  • 121 ads total
  • 74 high tech companies (61%)
  • 35 traditional businesses (29%)
  • 12 media companies (10%)
  • The overall numbers of ads remained roughly the same from last month. The traditional companies picked up a little ground at the expense of the media companies.
  • Apple again wins the most frequent advertiser with 6 ads

Raw Data

High Tech
21 17% Traditional High Tech BrassRing.com, CatTech.com, Cellular One, FusionOne, Vitria, GTE, IBM, 6 Apple, 2 Informix, Inktomi, iPlanet, Lucent, Nextel, Oracle, Pandesic
52 43% Dot-Coms Ask Jeeves, AuctionWatch.com, Autonomy.com, Aveo.com, Beenz, BravoGifts.com, Brocade.com, CellMania.com, DITech, eCentives.com, ECoverage, eForce, eGain.com, Egghead.com, EmailMarketting.com, eMusic.com, Epipiphany, 2 ETrade, eVoke, 2 eWanted.com, Exario, Excite.com, Expedia, 2 ExpertCity.com, Facetime.com, PeoplePC.com, PeoplePM.com, 2 PlaceWare, QuestLink.com, SiteSmith.com, StoreRunner.com, 2 Support.com, TheStreet.com, WebEx, Wireless Shopping, Garden.com, Gazoontite.com, iSyndicate.com, ITSquare.com, Kabira, Lycos, MarketFirst.com, MyCIO.com, mySAP.com, OnDemand.com, 2 SiliconView.com
1 1% Conferences NetFair
“Traditional” Businesses
Includes ads for webistes of traditional businesses
2 2% Travel Best Western, Chevron
6 5% Cars Chrystler, 3 Ford F-150, GMC Yukon, Mitsubishi
4 3% Entertainment Blockbuster, Winchester Mystery House, Silver Nugget Casino, SF Zoo
10 8% Food/Drink Gatoride, Powerade, California Avocado, California Cheese, 2 Doc Otis Beer, 2 Got Milk?, Tequiza (Beer), Toblerone
4 3% Financial Services 2 Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo, Merril Lynch
9 7% Misc California Lottery, Amdahl, Banana Republic, Deloitte and Touche, 2 Gap, Orkin, 2 Trailer Villa
2 2% TV/Radio 107.7 the bone, WB 20
4 3% Movies Gone in 60 Seconds, 2 Shaft, The Perfect Storm
6 5% Magazines/Newspapers 2 Forbes.com, Red Herring, 2 San Jose Mercury News, The Industry Standard
Total 121 100%  
Even Rawer Data:

Drive from SF to SJ: Silver Nugget Casino, eVoke, iSyndicate.com, Powerade, IMac, Chevron, Mitsubishi, Gap, The Perfect Storm (Movie), Ford F-150, Tequiza – Beer, FusionOne, Excite.com, Got milk?, Washington Mutual, Beenz, The information highway starts in Taiwan, ETrade, Forbes, Lycos, IMac, Inktomi, Autonomy.com, Gone in 60 Seconds (movie), IBM, California Avocado, ETrade, ITSquare.com, Placeware, Facetime.com, Support.com, Lucent, eForce, CellMania.com, DITech, eCentives.com, SiliconView.com, Blockbuster, Forbes.com, Trailer Villa, eWanted.com, Brocade.com, Oracle, StoreRunner.com, OnDemand.com, Shaft (movie), IMac, Winchester Mystery, House, NetFair, BrassRing.com, CatTech.com, Exario, PeoplePC.com, San Jose Mercury News

Back from SJ to SF: Got Milk?, IMac, San Jose Mercury News, IMac, QuestLink.com, ExpertCity.com, Amdahl, eMusic.com, Shaft (movie), Toblerone, SiteSmith.com, Wireless Shopping, 107.7 the bone, iPlanet, eWanted.com, Trailer Villa, Aveo.com, Doc Otis Beer, MyCIO.com, SiliconView.com, eGain.com, mySAP.com, Support.com, MarketFirst.com, PlaceWare, Best Western, Epipiphany, Cellular One, ExpertCity.com, Informix, WB 20, Garden.com, GMC Yukon, TheStreet.com, The Industry Standard, Merril Lynch, BravoGifts.com, Gazoontite.com, California Cheese, Doc Otis Beer, AuctionWatch.com, Pandesic, Ford F-150, Deloitte and Touche, GTE, Gatoride, WebEx, Ask Jeeves, Washington Mutual, PeoplePM.com, Chrystler, Nextel, Expedia, SF Zoo, Vitria, California Lottery, IMac, Banana Republic, Gap, Wells Fargo, EmailMarketting.com, Red Herring, Ford F-150, ECoverage, Orkin, Egghead.com, Kabira

May 20, 2000

The Results

  • 111 ads total
  • 67 high tech companies (60%)
  • 29 traditional businesses (26%)
  • 15 media companies (14%)
  • As expected, Silicon Valley’s business makeup (as derived from the amount of ads) is heavily weighted to tech companies, with dot-coms dominating the pack
  • The dot-coms edged out the traditional and the media businesses combined
  • 5 were ads for traditional companies advertising their online properties
  • Apple wins the most frequent advertiser with 4 ads and there was a 4 way tie for second place with 3 ads between Forbes.com, Nissan, ETrade and WebEx.

Raw Data

High Tech
19 17% Traditional High Tech Agilent, BrassRing.com, CatTech.com, Cellular One, GTE, HP, IBM, 4 Apple, Informix, 2 Inktomi, Lucent, Oracle, Vitria, The information highway starts in Taiwan (Informix?), Wireless Jobs
45 41% Dot-Coms About.com, Ask.com, AuctionWatch.com, Aveo.com, beenz.com, BravoGifts.com, Buy.com, CameraWorld.com, CustomerCare, EmailMarketting.com, eMusic.com, 3 ETrade, 2 eWanted.com, eWeek, Excite, ExpertCity.com, Facetime.com, Garden.com, Gazoontite.com, ECentives, eGain, ITSquare.com, Lycos, MarketFirst.com, MyCIO.com, mySAP.com, Greetings.com, GuestLink.com, PeoplePC.com, Placeware, Progressive.com, 2 SiliconView.com, SiteSmith.com, StoreRunner.com, Support.com, TheStreet.com, Utility.com, 3 WebEx.com, Women.com
3 3% Conferences American Maverick Festival, EBusiness Expo, Real Conference (real networks)
“Traditional” Businesses
Includes ads for webistes of traditional businesses
2 2% Travel Alitalia, Best Western
7 6% Cars Chevrolet.com, 2 Ford F-150, GMC Yukon, 3 Nissan Pathfinder
3 3% Entertainment Blockbuster.com, SF Zoo, Winchester Mystery House
7 6% Food/Drink California Avocado, 2 Coke, Corona, Dock Otis Beer, 2 Got milk?
4 4% Financial Services Merril Lynch, 2 Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo
6 5% Misc California Lottery, Coit Carpet Cleaners, Deloitte and Touche, 2 Gap, Orkin
5 5% TV/Radio 107.7 The Bone, KKSF, KSJO, WB 20, KNBR
4 4% Movies Dinosaur, Gone in 60 Seconds, Mission Impossible 2, Shaft
6 5% Magazines/Newspapers 3 Forbes.com, 2 SJ Mercury News, The Times
Total 111 100%  
Even Rawer Data:

Driving from SF to SJ we have: KNBR, Excite, Got milk?, Alitalia, beenz.com, The information highway starts in Taiwan, ETrade, Lycos, Forbes.com, IMac, Inktomi, Gone in 60 Seconds (movie), IBM Developer, California Avocado, ETrade, ITSquare.com, Placeware, Nissan Pathfinder, Women.com, Facetime.com, Lucent Technologies, HP, ECentives, SiliconView.com, Blockbuster.com, Forbes.com, eWanted.com, WebEx.com, Oracle, Utility.com, Coke, MI2 (movie), StoreRunner.com, EBusiness Expo, Dinosaur (movie), IMac, Wireless Jobs, BrassRing.com, Winchester Mystery House, CatTech.com, Real Conference (real networks), SJ Mercury news

Going the opposite way from SJ to SF we have: Got Milk?, SJ Mercury News, Agilent, IMac, GuestLink.com, Forbes.com, eMusic.com, CameraWorld.com, Shaft (movie), SiteSmith.com, WebEx.com, Orkin, 107.7 The Bone, eWanted.com, Aveo.com, Dock Otis Beer, eWeek, SiliconView.com, MyCIO.com, Inktomi, eGain, mySAP.com, Support.com, MarketFirst.com, Nissan, Pathfinder, Best Western, CustomerCare, Cellular One, ExpertCity.com, KSJO, Informix, WB 20, Garden.com, GMC Yukon, The Times, TheStreet.com, Coit Carpet Cleaners, Merril Lynch, BravoGifts.com, Gazoontite.com, Washington Mutual, Progressive.com, AuctionWatch.com, Buy.com, Ford F-150, Deloitte and Touche, Gap, Coke, GTE, WebEx, Ask.com, Washington Mutual, PeoplePC.com, Chevrolet.com, SF Zoo, KKSF, Vitria, California Lottery, IMac, Gap, Wells Fargo, EmailMarketting.com, Greetings.com, Ford F-150, American Maverick Festival, About.com, Nissan, Pathfinder, Corona, ETrade Bank