WordPress, all the cool kids are using it

Seems, I can’t make the auto-posts for dates, private photos and this chick who has “got big boobs, and big butt… and know how to use them” go away. (she does think i am cute tho… I think I may have a shot!). That combined with the fact that in the 3 years that SalimsWorld.com has been down, blogger doesn’t seem to have evolved at all. Oh yeah and the templates are still ugly and limiting (all fixed-width, doesn’t scale for form factor etc.).

Since I am pretty much starting over, I am going to move the site to WordPress. Once the DNS changes percolate, the next time you will see this is at our new hosting home!

I’m baaaaaaack! (said in creepy Poltergeist fashion)

Almost exactly 3 years ago I let this domain name expire and my site fell off the Internet. In that time, it has suffered many indignities… the domain name was scooped up by some jackass who used it to hawk fake purses. Seriously, fake purses. In that time some blog post generating robot got access to my blogger account and made it a fine reference for penis enlargement, solutions to satisfy your woman, fake Rolexes and buying illegal meds from Canada.

Think I flushed out all of that crap, but may have to take more drastic action if the posts still come. Oh well, on to the domain registrar to fix the DNS listings. Salim’s World will soon be back from the netherworld!


This thing always cracked me up. Seriously aside from just old and dirty, it is truly scary and bizarre… and how does something make it all the way through production with such a glaring misspelling and not get caught by *anyone*??

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Snippet of insight from Tyabji Sr. As per The Wall Street Journal page D1, dated Thursday, February 2, these are the projections for what Americans will eat during Sunday’s game:

100 million pounds of Chicken Wings – 1.25 billion wings.

43.2 million pounds of tortilla chips – 96 Statues of Liberty.

13.2 million pounds of pretzels – 1,173 NFL teams (45 players averaging 250 pounds each).

71.4 million pounds of avocados – guacamole is a must!

111 million gallons of beer – enough to fill 168 Olympic sized swimming pools.

4.4 million pizza pies – more than five pizzas for every man, woman and child in Indianapolis .

Lastly, 25% higher carrot consumption on Super Bowl Sunday. Editorial comment – this statistic proves that many women watch the Super Bowl, since no real man would eat carrots!!

23% eat chicken wings; 14% eat pizza.

Galaxy Nexus first impressions

So I’ve been rocking the Galaxy Nexus for about a month now… some thoughts…

    • This is one large screen. Contrary to my initial thoughts, it’s not overkill or just plain ridiculous. I am going to get used to this real quick!
  • Biggest disadvantage with the size is that it feels the balance is off. There have been a couple of times when I will almost dropped it when operating with 1 hand
  • Man this thing is *thin*, I can barely feel it in my pocket. The Pre while relatively unobtrusive, I always knew it was there… the Arrive, well let’s hope Nokia can produce some better form factors
  • The reboot is fast! Love it!
  • I continue to marvel at the multitasking implentation of WebOS, Ice Cream Sandwich is not bad, but still nowhere near as easy, fast or smooth as WebOS cards. HP really fucked this one up. I really hope that Microsoft is able to make a go of Windows Phone – in part because I really like the vision and where Microsoft is taking it, and in part I want to make it clear to HP that you can take an OS with paltry market share and build it into something reasonable with a little commitment!
  • It rotates 90 degrees and 270 degrees but not 180 degrees. There is no landscape view for the launcher. After using my Pre I should be used to this but after using my iPad its seems quite glaring in its absence
  • The volume rocker is too easy to hit, no matter how often I turn it up, it feels like the volume is permanently too low or muted
  • The battery life is utter and complete dog shit. I have been debating if this is a deal breaker for me but since I just passed my 30 days, I guess I am stuck. I will have to look into some of the extended batteries I have recently seen on the market for this phone.

Brings new meaning to the term "understated"

Saw this ad in “Texas Parks and Wildlife” magazine while waiting at the car repair shop (happy Friday the 13th btw)… maybe I’m still a California hippie at heart, but I am really having a hard time finding the part of this which is “understated!”

Picture of a big ass gun stating: Understated Elegance

It actually brings to mind a quote by Rush Limbaugh that I heard not too long ago… “One of the things which makes me a great host is that I have empathy and humility!”

Seen on the train from Madrid to Cordoba

This bathroom sign cracks me up. Look I get that we’re on an internal journey in Spain and that signs in English shouldn’t be required – but to have every language *except* English just seems odd. Especially since every other sign in the country, if it’s not in Spanish only – it’s in Spanish and English… including another sigh in this same bathroom which explains the flush.

More train signs

There’s something very disconcerting about this image. I just don’t trust this guy’s intentions and I sure as hell don’t want him anywhere near my child!

It actually strikes me as kind of like what a changing table for vampires would look like…