Presidential Apprentice, Round 3 – The Ben Carson silly hour

Rick Perry is out, Scott Walker is out and the dynamic from even a month back is so bizarrely different to make round 3 the most interesting round so far in Presidential Apprentice 2015 (you know, it’s like Trump’s TV show, The Apprentice, except for president).

I find it just bonkers that Ben Carson is saying more and more ridiculous things which is causing his numbers to go… up? I mean holy crap, is he actually leading in Iowa?? I wanted to take a closer look at some of his better lines (and by “better” I mean bat-shit crazy) and parse out what he really means.
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Look what the cat dragged in

The play Cats came to Austin last year and the presenting sponsor was… wait for it… “Purina Cat Chow!”. I still can’t decide if this was brilliant product placement, a bizarre juxtaposition of unrelated items or just so groan inducing-ly awkward, so eye-rollingly obvious, so on the nose that I am embarrassed for the marketer who made that decision.

…am leaning towards #3.


First Democratic debate – thoughts

Is it me or does Bernie Sanders looks like a leprechaun?

Overall, it felt that these 5 spent most of the time arguing, when in fact they were in violent agreement. I will say tho, unlike both of the Republican debates, it felt like adults debating. There was no name calling, bullying or other childish behavior. It was a substantive, if one-sided, vetting of all the issues.
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Republican Debate #2 – thoughts

On Obstructionism
One of my biggest frustrations with the Republican mentality is that pure obstructionism is somehow a reasonable way to govern. Getting rid of Obamacare is not the way to fix the state of healthcare in this country. That’s fine if you want to “repeal and replace” but dammit, you have to “replace” it with something. Simply going back to the previous status quo is NOT an acceptable answer. I am fine if you don’t agree with something, but you have to at least move the conversation forward.
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El hombre del peluquín

Donald Trump, The Donald, recently dubbed “el hombre del peluquín” (the man of the toupee), has made this election so enjoyable to watch. He has taken a process which is like a year and a half long episode of Charlie Rose and turned it into Jerry Springer. In just 3 short months we have witnessed, in no particular order… hand to hand combat with Jorge Ramos, the destruction of Lindsey Graham’s cell phone, Jeb’s “low energy,” that “loser” McCain, Mexican rapists, a wall that those smart Mexico government guys will pay for to keep themselves out, the cancelling of the Miss America pageant, China, China, China… the list goes on. You can’t make up TV this good!

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Republican Debate #1 – thoughts

The first chance we had to see the key occupants of the Republican clown car in a single forum didn’t disappoint. It was well run (not a small feat considering there were 10 people on stage), the grandstanding was minimized, we got to see some hand to hand combat and most importantly, it was informative – we got to learn more about almost all of the candidates to understand who Hillary will stomp next fall.

For me, almost everyone came off with a worse impression than what I came in with.
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The only question worth asking right now…

Ok Jeb’s in. The only question now is what is the Donald going to do? Tomorrow’s the announcement??

I really hope he runs. This election will just be so soo much more boring without him. If he doesn’t run, then I have to pin all of my entertainment hopes on Sarah Palin.

Actually, what I really want to see is a debate between Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. That or the two of them jello wrestling. Or jello wrestling while debating.

Governor vs. Senator

Some more thoughts on the Republican Primaries….

I just noticed that almost everyone running for President is either a Governor or a Senator. There is also a Neuroscientist, former CEO and whatever the hell Donald Trump is (ok fine, he’s not really running… yet???). But that’s it. Does that strike anyone as odd? For the millions of things people can do in this country, there seem to be really only 2 real entrees into the presidency.

Going back into recent history (well as far back as I can recall from memory without looking anything up), it seems that being Governor is a huge advantage to winning the White House. Obama is the only President who was previously a Senator. W, Clinton, Reagan and Carter were all Governors. Bush Senior was director of the CIA and VP (and probably some other stuff) so I have no idea where to put him.