The Loser Debate – thoughts

I missed the original airing of the Undercard Debate (i.e. the Loser Debate), but gotta love the Internet, by the time the main debate finished, someone had uploaded the entire thing to YouTube.

This one didn’t do any favors for anyone either.

Droopy Dog (Lindsey Graham) freaked me out because that guy is definitely going to start a war, he was all about fight fight fight!

But if that was bad, holy shit, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal has to realize that stating “I am tired of the hyphenated Americans” makes you look like the most un-self-aware person out there.

I am finding the the ongoing #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite chain on twitter (best of sampling here) so much more hilarious now!

And holy hell, “Immigration without assimilation is invasion”??? That’s a really fucked up view of this country that anyone who doesn’t immediately join the BORG collective should be expelled with extreme prejudice.

Look, as a fellow second-generation Indian-American I don’t have the strong connection to the motherland that my parents do and I know that my kids will view India as someplace that their family came from a long time ago. But for me to pretend that I was raised in a household which operated under the with the norms of the majority of Americans is just ludicrous. And frankly to think that this is upbringing is somehow not-American is frankly insulting.

Carly is supposed to be the winner of this one, but she came off as trying to hard with her gratuitously dropping of names.

Based on this performance alone, I did walk away with a better impression of Rick Perry. Of this bunch he did seem the most “Presidential” – realize that “better” is still not “good”… he is still an idiot.

Republican Debate #1 – thoughts

The first chance we had to see the main occupants of the Republican clown car in a single forum didn’t disappoint. It was well run (not a small feat considering there were 10 people on stage), the grandstanding was minimized, we got to see some hand to hand combat and most importantly, we got to learn more about almost all of the candidates to understand who Hillary will stomp next fall.

For me, almost everyone came off with a worse impression than what I came in with.

  • Marco Rubio, the Cuban Matt Damon, just looked like a nervous school kid giving his first oral book report. If his goal was to come off presidential, he failed most severely.
  • Jeb (or should I say J.E.B.?) came off like a sweet grandfather, a bit too wishy washy and not particularly assertive. Moreover, he never felt like he engaged with the audience, it always felt like he was reading from a canned speech.
  • Ted Cruz came off as a smug sack of shit. I wanted to smack him each time I saw his face.
  • Chris Christie did go as far as to pull a Giuliani (9/11! 9/11!! 9/11!!!) but he came close. He was most guilty of chiming the mantra “I’m the only guy on this stage who…” which just got really annoying.
  • While I think it is cool that someone who hasn’t had a career in politics thinks he can be president, Ben Carson shows that is is not particularly realistic. He is a terrible public speaker, he was stiff, stilted and boring. His statements were either horribly generic (“the baton of freedom”) or just weird/out of touch (seriously, tithing??). The press gave him a lot of good credit for his closing statement, but it just came off as dumb to me. Sure he’s smart and has lots of unique experiences that nobody else has, but I’m just not convinced that separating Siamese twins is a useful skill for a president to have.
  • I am not sure if J.E.B. used too much Old Spice or Scott Walker has really bad BO but the expression on Trump’s face was classic – it was permanently twisted like someone just farted. Honestly tho, he was a real downer to listen to. Every statement of his was about how we were doing it all wrong wrong wrong and how we are on the path to ruin. Even if I didn’t think he was a jackass to begin with, this would have been a real turn-off.

    Now for the most part when Trump says the Fox moderators  “don’t like him very much” or “asked some mean questions” I would write it off as whining. But I will say that that there was something to it this time. I mean, the moderators opened with a statement clearly designed to call Trump and only Trump out (the pledge to support the winner and not run as a third party candidate). And if that wasn’t telling, the commentary after the debate sure was. The moderators all made it very clear that they want nothing to do with Trump being in this race.

    In his defense, Trump was the only guy on the stage not trying to convince us how he was the most “middle class” guy in the room.

For me, John Kasich emerged as the surprise winner. He was engaging, passionate, had a real track record and was reasonably moderate. Am sure that last reason will be his downfall in the primaries but of this lot, he is someone who I would seriously consider voting for.

The only question worth asking right now…

Ok Jeb’s in. The only question now is what is the Donald going to do? Tomorrow’s the announcement??

I really hope he runs. This election will just be so soo much more boring without him. If he doesn’t run, then I have to pin all of my entertainment hopes on Sarah Palin.

Actually, what I really want to see is a debate between Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. That or the two of them jello wrestling. Or jello wrestling while debating.

Governor vs. Senator

Some more thoughts on the Republican Primaries….

I just noticed that almost everyone running for President is either a Governor or a Senator. There is also a Neuroscientist, former CEO and whatever the hell Donald Trump is (ok fine, he’s not really running… yet???). But that’s it. Does that strike anyone as odd? For the millions of things people can do in this country, there seem to be really only 2 real entrees into the presidency.

Going back into recent history (well as far back as I can recall from memory without looking anything up), it seems that being Governor is a huge advantage to winning the White House. Obama is the only President who was previously a Senator. W, Clinton, Reagan and Carter were all Governors. Bush Senior was director of the CIA and VP (and probably some other stuff) so I have no idea where to put him.

2015 Republican Presidential Primaries

Started this page on my take on the Republican primary nominees… will keep it updated as time goes on, things develop and as I learn more…

Avengers II

We saw the new Avengers movie last weekend. While I get that it is really hard to make a movie with that many main characters and not get muddled, this one was really a step down from the first. More galling was the fact that it struck me as the exact same movie as the first one, just more vague.

In both movies:

  • Apparently, fighting bad guys is not enough, so for some reason, 2-3 of the Avengers fight amongst themselves
  • After that, everyone goes to a home place to hang out and talk amongst themselves, for some reason. Some boring “character development”/exposition happens
  • The Avengers start arguing amongst themselves
  • One of the big strong guys just leaves/disappears
  • The bad guy who wants to conquer/destroy the world, for some vague unspecified reason, starts his plan which ends in an invasion
  • The big strong guy who ran away earlier, reappears just in time
  • All the Avengers fight an army
  • Iron man makes a grand gesture, seemingly sacrificing himself but doesn’t, proving he is not a self absorbed, narcissistic asshole, even tho he spends the entire movie showing that he is

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the greatest service *ever* is reborn

In the late ’90s, in the heady days of the dot-com boom, there was one service which promised to be lifechanging. promised to deliver anything in 1 hour (well anything they stocked). No more having to go out and brave bad weather, no more being stuck at the last minute when you need something. Laziness and sloth could prevail in a way never previously possible.
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LG G Watch R – 2 weeks into it

Have some decent time under my belt with this… some more thoughts:

  • The GPS navigation implementation is utterly and completely terrible. It is seriously a hazard and will definitely get someone killed. There is no good way to look at the small display on your wrist while driving safely. I pretty much rely on the spoken instructions from my phone. The vibration on my wrist is somewhat useful tho.
  • This leads me directly to my next observation about Android Wear in general… Continue reading


We saw this store the last time we were in Houston.

I am very amused by this. This to me is the definition of irony – you have to go inside to experience Outdoor World. This looks like a ride you would see at Disney World or maybe Las Vegas or even Dubai.

Outdoor World

The GPS in my car is just awful

I don’t know why I even bother to use the GPS in my car anymore. The maps are out of date, the directions are just terrible and it generally behaves like an idiot.

Case in point:


“Quick” is not the quickest route. I guess it is just a relative statement. And what value does the “Alt” route have?? “Hmmm, let me show you 2 routes which get you to your destination and a third which just takes your wandering.”

Finally, why wouldn’t they have just spelled out Alternative instead of abbreviating it? Seems like there is plenty of space on the button for it and this is a fixed environment.

I can’t wait for proper Android Auto or Apple CarPlay implementations because the auto manufacturers have proven themselves incapable of properly implementing electronics.